Waterfowl & Upland Combo Hunt

Rivers Lodge & Hunt Club is home to some of the best Waterfowl and Upland hunting in the midwest. Enjoy a fully guided hunt on our intensively managed privated properties. 


With highly managed properties located in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri, Rivers Hunt Club offers some of the best waterfowl hunting in the midwest. From moist soil to flooded corn we have a variety of waterfowl habitats and hunting locations that provide an opportunity for a great hunt no matter the time of year or stage of the migration.


There’s nothing quite like the flush and cackle of a rooster pheasant over a good bird dog! Rivers Hunt Club offers preserve upland hunts from October through March near the lodge in Eastern, KS. These hunts are fully guided on private property with trained bird dogs.

36 Hour Combo Hunting Trip


Warm Welcome: Happy hour, meet with guides and strategize for your morning hunt.

Feast: Dine on gourmet food prepared by our Private Chef.

Retire: Relax and prepare for the early AM start.


Fuel up: Grab something small from our breakfast bar.

AM Waterfowl: Head to the marsh with your guide.

Breakfast/ Brunch: Return, warm up, and indulge in a delicious mid morning breakfast.

Relax: Enjoy some down time.

Fuel up: Mid afternoon snack/ appetizer.

PM Upland: Head to the fields for pheasants.

Feast: Drink and Dine.


Wakeup, visit our gift shop, say your goodbyes and make your departure.